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What is Xtreme Travel? It's a website invented for men who have a passion for INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL. Think of a site that combines the best of Lonely Planet and PLanet of the Babes with a dash of Conde Naste and Connoisseur. We will focus on helping you make the most of the cultural aspects of your travel to foreign lands, including advice on not being lonely away from home. From necessary details on housing, transport and safety, to great restaurants and where to find the kind of socializing you seek, Xtreme Travel will be your resource. Not only guidebook facts but the ongoing input of experienced travelers will keep Xtreme Travel ever up-to-date and ever useful. It's about TRAVEL and all the joys that come with it, including but not limited to the women we meet on our journeys.

Our goal is a simple one: To provide a global, comfortable and secure forum for the exchange of travel information and travel stories for vacationers, wandering souls and expats alike. Being focused on men's travel needs we expect lively exchange on the subject of meeting women in different areas, but we do not intend to be a World Sex Guide. We realize men are multidimensional and welcome all kinds of interesting travel info regarding sports, culture & customs, cuisine, education, events & festivals , music, literature, photography, extraordinary sites to be seen and much more-in sum all of what makes travel the most interesting activity.

We encourage contributions and reports on any and all destinations and events. One of the things we will strive to avoid is getting typecast as a board specializing in this or that particular country or region of the world. There are plenty of these destination-specific web sites in existence already. Our focus is global. Our horizons are Xpansive. To encourage an atmosphere and contributions of good taste there will be some rules.

We regard this site as an ongoing and evolutionary creation of its contributors as well as its creators. All suggestions, ideas and constructive criticisms are welcome and there will be a cyber suggestion box for this purpose. We feel the time is right so we are launching in a skeletal format and invite you to help put some meat on the bones so we can grow together. Despite this, you will be pleasantly surprised to find very useful and unique features already in place that establish Xtreme Travel as the one to beat and believe us: you ain't seen nothing yet!

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