Xtreme Commandments

1) Thou wilt not be a Dickie Doo, lest we become Dickie Doos too. 

2) We will not take thy photos in vain and sell them. 

3) Thou will not covet those under 18. 

4) Thy true identity will be kept confidential. 

5) Thou will not drone on and on about similar websites. 

6) Thou will not post photos of thy family jewels. 

7) Thy confessions will try not to concentrate on blow by blow recantations. 

8) A rich man can no more get to Heaven than can a camel pass through theeye of a needle, so don't default on subscriptions if the time comes. 

9) There is but one true 'handle' , and his name may be 'MosesIronnob'....(or whatever your chosen one happens to be). 

10) Thou shall practice safe sex and not spread disease or plague.